Friday, 3 September 2010

Why do you run?

My name's Ben and I enjoy running. Not massively. Not enough to purchase a pair of wafer-thin shorts with that tricky-to-step-into inner lining that tends to smell a bit whiffy and perishes quickly. Not enough to join a local running club and get into conversations about how much the latest pair of Adidas trainers weigh. But enough to hit the road a couple of times a week for an hour or so and work up a sweat.

So why do I do it? Well, the obvious answer is to keep fit. Keeping fit is important and I want to stay healthy. Running helps me achieve this. Vanity also plays a part though. Running burns calories - shed loads of them - and the more you burn the closer that six pack becomes (in reality, I'll never make it that far but hey, it's good to have a goal).

Another big reason why I run is because it helps to relieve stress. Stress is something we all suffer from occasionally and we all have different ways of dealing with it. Me - I find that running lets me forget about that deadline, that bill, that squabble I've had with my wife; and the buzz I get from finishing a run puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

I've been running for about seven years now and I'd like to think I'll continue for many years to come. The purpose of this blog is to share experiences with other people like me - those who run. I'm interested in pretty much anything to do with running. What do people think of when they run? What music do you listen to? What supplements do you take? What kit do you wear? What events can you recommend? What routes have you completed? Anything to do with running - let's talk about it and share our experiences and knowledge.


  1. Mr Walker as I live and breath! Hope you and your wife are well (think I read on facebook that you're married). Liz and I are both well. I've been doing a bit of running myself and have become slightly addicted to it. I didn't think it was possible to become addicted to hard exercise. I only started running about 7 months ago (had time to kill whilst on jury service) and have just completed my first half marathon in Bristol. Have since entered cardiff next month and thinking about Bath next spring. Like you, I started to keep fit, after retirement from an illustrious football in the lower echelons of the mid somerset football league, and I'm now fitter and lighter than I've been for a long time. It's timely that I found your post actually as I've recently been able to fit into the carhart tee you left at my stag do. I was keeping it to give back to you should our paths cross. I've promised myself an ipod 4 if I loose another half a stone and get below 13stone. I definitely think it's all about goals, not sure I could drag myself out of the house otherwise. I've got a feeling the incentives are going to have to get bigger for winter training too *ipad*!
    Would be great to meet up. my brother has talked about running in brighton next march, maybe we could go for a run............. cheers.

  2. Hi Ben, have we met before?!

    My name's Phil and I also enjoying running but like you wouldn't claim to be a fitness freak.

    Why do I run?

    I started running in Feb 2009 to shed a few pounds for my wedding in August. At the time I mentioned to several people that I started running and thats when a few of us decided to sign up to a half marathon. I completed my first half marathon in 1.59.59!!

    After the wedding I found myself running less but of course the belly started to appear so I started running again and before long signed up to another half marathon. Another reason why I run is because I have suffer from certain food tolerances. Food intolerance is an adverse reaction to some sort of food or ingredient that occurs every time the food is eaten, but particularly if larger quantities are consumed. I find running helps me control adverse reactions.

    Has anyone got a good play list they could upload or recommend?

    I've tried running with my iPhone several times but it just isn't for me. I find myself spending more time trying to decide what to listen too rather than concentrating on the run. I've also considered buying a iphone running armband. Is it worth me purchasing?

    Great blog... lets hope more people comment.